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Understanding HRSA’s 2012-2025 Supply/Demand Nursing Projections

Webinar Title: Understanding HRSA’s 2012-2025 Supply/Demand Nursing Projections


George Zangaro, Director, National Center for Health Workforce Analysis, HRSA

Tim Dall, Managing Director Life Sciences, IHS

When: February 25th, 2015 at 2:00pm EST

Length: 1 hour

Slides: HWTAC_Webinar_Understanding_HRSAs_Nursing_Projections

Q&A: HWTAC_Q&A_Nursing_Projections

Description: HRSA recently released a report, The Future of the Nursing Workforce: National and State-level Projections, 2012-2025, based on updated nursing supply and demand models using microsimulation to forecast workforce adequacy. This webinar describes HRSA’s new models and discusses their findings and implications. To view HRSA’s report, click the following link: HRSA_2012_2025_Nursing_Projections.

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