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New Hampshire Health Workforce Data Collection

Organization name: NH DHHS, Division of Public Health Services, Section of Rural Health and Primary Care
Organization website: www.dhhs.state.nh.us/dphs/bchs/rhpc/index.htm
Organization description:

The RHPC Administrator functions as the PCO Director, also overseeing the State Office of Rural Health (SORH), the Rural Hospital Flexibility Program (Flex), the Small Rural Hospital Improvement Program (SHIP), the State Loan Repayment Program, and the J-1 Visa Waiver (Conrad 30) program. The mission and function of the RHPC is to support communities and stakeholders that provide innovative and effective access to quality health care services with a focus on the low income, uninsured, and Medicaid populations of New Hampshire. RHPC program priorities are: integrating local health care services including oral health care, developing strong community partnerships, building local healthcare resources, supporting effective clinical practices and health care organizations, recruiting and retaining primary medical and oral health care providers, promoting relevant state and national health policy, and reducing health disparities. The Health Professions Data Center was developed to collect supply and capacity data from healthcare professionals in primary care related fields. Physician and PA surveys are required by tying them to the license renewal process; currently plans to do the same with the other health profession boards.

Contact name: Alisa Druzba
Contact email: alisa.druzba@dhhs.nh.gov
Contact phone: (603) 271-5934
Reports posted to website: No
Health Workforce Surveys:

Workforce Supply Surveys

Workforce Supply Data

Data collected for:These professions             
Data collected through:Survey that is not part of the licensing process              
Survey that is part of the licensing process             
Telephone interview              
In-person interview              
The survey is:Mandatory             
Not Mandatory              
Data collected on:Every Individual             
Sample of Individuals              
Types of information collected:Demographic characteristics             
Educational background             
Practice characteristics             
Data collected at:One time only              
Regular intervals             

Workforce Demand Data

Data collected for:These professions             
Practice Settings:Community health centers             
Home health agencies             
Nursing homes             
Physician offices             
Types of information collected:Vacancies              
Recruitment difficulty              
Retention difficulty              
Data collected at:One time only              
Regular intervals