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Compendium of Innovations in Oral Health Service Delivery

Date: 03/26/2020Authors: Leanne Keough, Morgan Clifford, Margaret Langelier, Nubia Goodwin, Tom MelnikResearch Center: Oral Health Workforce Research CenterTopics: Oral Health, Behavioral Health, Federally Qualified Health Centers, Integration, Primary Care, Telehealth

This compendium summarizes best practices in innovative oral health service delivery programs drawn from over 40 case studies conducted by the OHWRC in recent years.

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Case Studies of 6 Teledentistry Programs: Strategies to Increase Access to General and Specialty Dental Services

Date: 12/01/2016Research Center: Oral Health Workforce Research CenterTopics: Oral Health, Telehealth

The findings of this study provide a better understanding of teledentistry program applications, workforce strategies, impacts on access to care, the organizational structure in which services are provided, and the barriers and facilitators of teledentistry services.

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Use of Telehealth at NHSC Grantee Sites

Date: 08/26/2016Research Center: GW Health Workforce Research CenterTopics: Telehealth

In this study the authors examined the extent to which telehealth is being used in settings that are among the locations most in need: the National Health Service Corps (NHSC) approved grantee sites.

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