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Nurse‐related Clinical Non‐licensed Personnel in US Hospitals and their Relationship with Nurse Staffing Levels

Date: 20170127Authors: Xinxin Han, Patricia Pittman, Suhui Li, Timothy LoweResearch Center: GW Health Workforce Research CenterTopics: Staffing, Nursing

This study examines the nurse-related clinical non-licensed personnel (CNLP) staffing in US hospitals between 2010 and 2014, in terms of their job categories, staffing trends, and relationship with registered nurse (RN) and licensed practical nurse (LPN) staffing.

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Determining the Role of the Nurse with a Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree

Date: 20160901Authors: Anna Song Beeber, Cheryl Jones, Carrie Palmer, Julee Waldrop, Mary LynnResearch Center: Carolina Health Workforce Research CenterTopics: Nursing

This report surveys existing doctor of nursing (DNP) programs to identify the non-academic settings into which their DNP graduates are employed and conduct semi-structured interviews with employers to identify the role of the DNP prepared nurse in non-academic settings.


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Trends in Licensed Practical Nurse/Licensed Vocational Nurse Education and Licensure

Date: 20150701Authors: Krista Chan, Janet Coffman, Timothy BatesResearch Center: UCSF Health Workforce Research Center on Long-Term CareTopics: Nursing, Training

This report updates previous studies of the licensed practical nurse (LPN) workforce by presenting the latest national data available on LPN employment patterns with emphasis on employment in long-term care. The report also describes trends in the demographic characteristics and educational attainment of LPNs.

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