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DocFlows: A Web-Based, Interactive App to Explore the Interstate Migration of Residents-in-Training and Practicing Physicians

Date: 20170801Authors: Erica Richman, Erin Fraher, Julee Waldrop, Evan Galloway, Andy KnaptonResearch Center: Carolina Health Workforce Research CenterTopics: Training

This report examined the DocFlows web app developed by the Carolina Health Workforce, which allows users to query, download, and share maps/graphs of interstate moves by residents and actively practicing physicians in 35 specialities.

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Social Work in Integrated Primary Care: A Systematic Review

Date: 20160901Authors: Mark Fraser, Brianna Lombardi, Shiyou Wu, Lisa de Saxe Zerden, Erica Richman, Erin FraherResearch Center: Carolina Health Workforce Research CenterTopics: Behavioral Health, Integration, Primary Care

The objective of this report is to describe the roles and functions of social workers in integrated healthcare settings.

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Determining the Role of the Nurse with a Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree

Date: 20160901Authors: Anna Song Beeber, Cheryl Jones, Carrie Palmer, Julee Waldrop, Mary LynnResearch Center: Carolina Health Workforce Research CenterTopics: Nursing

This report surveys existing doctor of nursing (DNP) programs to identify the non-academic settings into which their DNP graduates are employed and conduct semi-structured interviews with employers to identify the role of the DNP prepared nurse in non-academic settings.


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