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Center Staff

David Armstrong, PhD


As director of HWTAC, Dr. Armstrong manages the day-to-day operations, disseminates information about the Center, and regularly provides technical assistance to individuals, hospitals, and various states and organizations.

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Morgan Clifford, BA

Deputy Director

Morgan Clifford assists with the daily operations as well as ongoing projects of HWTAC. Among other activities, Ms. Clifford maintains the State Health Workforce Data Collection Inventory, provides assistance during webinars, and contributes to the content management and maintenance of the HWTAC website.

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Robert Martiniano, MPA, DrPH

Evaluation Officer

As evaluation officer of HWTAC, Mr. Martiniano is responsible for designing and implementing evaluations of HWTAC—including overall project goals and objectives; dissemination strategy, the website; outreach efforts; and impact of HWTAC’s technical assistance on health workforce planning—as well as for the individual technical assistance initiatives in terms of both process and outcomes for the recipients.

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Leanne Keough, BS

Communications Officer

As communications officer of HWTAC, Ms. Keough assists in the development of all written and visual collateral produced by the Center. Other responsibilities include integrated marketing, overall branding strategy, and maintenance of the HWTAC website.

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Matt Allegretti, MFA

Communications Specialist

As a Communications Specialist, Matt Allegretti maintains and updates online content and distribution lists, helps curate daily content on social media pages, provides copyediting for Center publications and websites, and performs other media-focused tasks as needed.

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Jean Moore, DrPH

Project Advisor

Jean Moore serves as a project advisor for HWTAC, bringing over 12 years of experience as a health workforce researcher. For the past eight years, Dr. Moore has also been the director of CHWS.

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Gaetano J. Forte, BS

Technology Officer

As technology officer of HWTAC, Mr. Forte implements advances in technology for a broad range of the Center’s activities, including the provision of technical assistance and the dissemination of its work. Mr. Forte is also a veteran health services researcher having spent nearly 2 decades studying the health workforce.

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Debbie Krohl, BS

Administrative Support

As the main administrative support, Ms. Krohl is essential to the smooth operations of HWTAC. Ms. Krohl provides support for HWTAC staff by handling meeting scheduling, facilitating travel planning, helping to maintain the website, providing logistical support, and other day-to-day administrative needs.

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